Service info


Running in and service info 


Starting info

Never kick on compression will kick back and will set off kick start sheer gears or will fracture cases "excluded from warranty as its rider error"

Never use choke! See starting video here

Warm up

2 valve engines need at least 3 minutes warm up time before riding

4 valve engines need 5 minutes minimum warm up time before riding with no more than 4000 rpm

Engine oil

Manual engines:  20/50  Summer 10/40 Winter mineral oil

Semi Auto and fully Auto: 10/40 mineral

First oil change 50 miles

Change the oil every 300 miles there after

Clutch cover magnet

Found on Charger and Phase 5 engines only

Remove cover to access magnet, clean in situ 100 miles from new and every 500 miles there after

Also clean out oil strainer below oil pump

Engine magnet

Head torque

Check head torque after the first running session when cold

YX/Charger 150/160/170 2V & 4V 18 ft-lbs 24.4 NM

YX/Phase 5 125/140/149 2V 12 ft-lbs

Flywheel/Drive gear/Clutch nut torque

40 ft-lbs 55NM with dab of locktite all engines

Valve clearance

2 valve engine Inlet 4 thou/0.10mm. Exhaust 6 thou/0.15mm. Check every 300-500 miles. All engines 50 to 210cc

4 valve engine Inlet 4 thou/0.10mm. Exhaust 4 thou/0.10mm. Check every 500 miles.

Wiring from stator

Blue/white = trigger pulse coil stator to CDI

Black/red = source coil feed stator to CDI

Green = common earth

2 x Yellow = Single phase

3 x Yellow = 3 phase

1 x Yellow 1 x White = Split phase

Neutral switch

Blue = N

Green = 1

Yellow = 2

White = 3

Red = 4


Black/white = Kill switch, earth out to stop

Black/yellow = Feed to coil

2 x Spare wires Black/white or 2 x White are for Rev switch control, open = Full reves Closed = Rev control via brass screw on unit.


Running issues

Below piston image is of one that was run on a way to big carb and resulted in a major melt down, wasn’t a lack of oil as it would look like at first, first singe of low/lack of oil is camshaft and rocker failure. So if you are using a carb of your choice make sure ist the right size for CC and Valve size.

Flywheel issues

Always use the recommended weighted flywheel we supply with the engine. Using the incorrect weight can result is crankshaft taper sheering off.

Also make sure you are running the right gearing so that the engine is not over revving when cruising, common issues are running i.e 50cc gearing when you up grade to a 70 or bigger engine, doing that’s will result in the flywheel working its self lose and sheering off the woodruff key.