Clock. Speedo. X11. Universal. 12v. Programmable

Clock. Speedo. X11. Universal. 12v. Programmable
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Speedo kit any fitment program to any wheel size for a accurate reading

Our latest kit is now east to install to any bike:

  • Speedo MPH or KPH at the press of a button
  • Odometer that you can set to you previous Speedo reading
  • Trip mode
  • Clock 24 hr
  • Blue back lighting
  • High beam warning light
  • Indicator L/H R/H warning
  • Neutral light
  • Wheel pick up and prox sender 10mm
  • Body size Width 98mm height 78mm Depth 48mm mounting hole centres 118mm


You need a 12v feed to power the unit and to fix on the pick up and magnet on the disc or wheel.

We tested one up to 140 mph!!


Wiring information:

  • Black/white Earth –
  • Light green R/H indicator warning light
  • Black L/H indicator warning light
  • Orange 12V + feed from ignition switch
  • Blue neutral light
  • Yellow high beam warning light
  • Red permanent feed + from battery
  • Grey back ground light + from light switch


Set the magnet on the brake disc or on the rim between 3mm and 10mm apart.


How to program

Mark the wheel with a mark and the floor at the bottom “6 o’clock”, wheel the bike forwards until the mark on the wheel is back at 6 o’clock and mark the floor, then measure the distance between the marks in millimeters (mm).

Lets say its 1535mm then x by 2; (is 3070mm)

Switch on the clocks and follow the list:

  • Hold the set button on back of clocks until display flashes 3 sec normally.

  • Choose MPH or KPH. Press 'Select' to change.

  • Press 'Mode'. Key in the distance 3070mm using the 'Select' button. Use the 'Mode' button to move along.

  • The next window with 000000 you can program in the old odometer reading or just press mode to move out

  • Last setting. Set clock. Press 'Mode' when finished to exit.



This is not a plug and play system. It  will need hard wiring in.




























Product Code 4669
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