28mm Power jet YSN carb flat slide

28mm Power jet YSN carb flat slide
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28mm Power jet YSN carb flat slide
They have been high speed polished turned for a smooth choke & a chrome slide
35mm push fit.
50mm filter stub The power jet works only when the load on the intake increses giving an extra sqirt of fuel under load.
They also have a vacuum take off if your running a fuel pump or a vacuum operated fuel tap.
28mm suited for engines160cc and upwards

Main jet used is part number 7389
Pilot jet used is part number 7357

The pilot screw works as follows:
Winding in is Richer
Winding out is Weaker

Needle clip:
Lowering the clip is Richer
Raising the clip is Weaker

Throttle cable need to have around 3mm play

There is one down side over the VM 26 carbs is that direct hot starting can be a problem, Most cases they will start up if you turn up the idle screw half a turn, if not you need to just catch them on the throttle when you kick it over, it’s a different technique depending on your state of tune and set up.

Carb may flood on first installation or after the float bowl, this is it settling in, just turn off the fuel and run the engine them switch back on the fuel.

Please note for the 125 and 140 engines the lowest idle RPM will be around 2700 due to the style of slide

Selling off less than cost price due to we don’t find them good unless you are only using for mid to flat out rev range..

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Product Code8522