Battery. 6V. 6N5.5-1D/3D

Battery. 6V. 6N5.5-1D/3D
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Product Code: 8660

Battery 6N5.5-1D/3D


  • Battery type number: 6N5.5-1D
  • Dimensions: 90mm x 70mm x 100mm
  • Vent position: Rear side
  • Capacity rating: 5.5Ah
  • Maximum charging rate: 1 Amp
  • Battery type: Dry charged battery
  • Filling kit included: YES
  • Electrolyte required: 38% Sulphuric Acid, specific gravity 1.28kg/litre


Use Appropriate PPE; at a minimum use goggles and gloves when filling the battery.
Battery fluids are highly corrosive and may spit in contact with contaminates.
Batteries produce vapours that may be harmful.
Carefully read and follow the included instructions in the box before filling.


Product Code8660